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one frame at a time
Walking in Italy

This summer has been moving at what seems like a million miles an hour.  But in May, Lido and I stopped and took a break from the constant, mad rush of life for 15 days in Italy.  We walked, and ate, and relaxed, and shot photos.   Now, four months later, it feels like a dream.

I was overwhelmed with how much history, business, laziness, and delicious food was packed into each moment in Italy.  Sometimes it all felt like mass chaos and then perfectly ordered.  Sometimes it felt calm right up to the point before it smacked you in the face.  All of it was better than I hoped for and mostly I just can’t wait to get back.

You can see a full set of images from this story here.  And check back for more images in this story as I continue to edit thru the photos.

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