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Published :: Gunsmiths for The New York Times :: Montana Photographer



It’s always sort of amazing how long you can live somewhere and still learn new things about it.  Lido and I have called the Flathead Valley home for the last 6 years.  Besides my parent’s home I haven’t lived anywhere else that long.  It is sort of amazing really.  In that time I’ve gotten to know the community better and better, but when I got a call from The New York Times to shoot gunsmiths and culture here, I found myself learning even more.

Guns in Montana are definitely a part of life.  Especially here where many sportsman spend their weekends hunting and fishing.  After the shootings around the country in the last 12-24 months, I think people have started to question and explore what guns in our culture mean and what our relationship with them has become.  I met with several different people while working with the writer and videographer on this story.  From Jerry Fisher, a revered craftsman of guns who is looked to as an icon in his industry, to fellow gunsmith  Lee Helgeland, to the local community college, making guns is a major industry here.  This unique story and the people I met while working on it were fascinating and a pleasure to learn about.
10137501A_GunLowry0059Jerry Fisher in his workshop.






Flathead Valley Community College where they now offer gunsmith classes.


10137501A_GunLowry0106Brandon Miller, the FVCC Gunsmithing Program Coordinator.




Lee Helgeland in his home workspace.








You can read the entire story and see the multimedia piece shot by Erik Olsen here.

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